Jordan Harling Reads

Classic poetry read aloud every day. From Browning to Blake, Poe to Parnell; jump into the beauty of poetry, discover lost loves, and revisit old friends with Jordan Harling Reads.

Classic poetry read aloud every day

Combining public domain poetry, public domain classical music, and the silky smooth voice of me, Jordan Harling – Jordan Harling Reads is a YouTube channel bringing famous and forgotten poems back into the limelight. Regardless of whether you have Keats and Yates on your side, or you’re with Oscar Wilde, you’ll find a poem you’ll love.

Website and branding

A YouTube channel is much more than a page on YouTube with a bunch of videos. It’s just one part of a larger brand. That’s why, as well as a YouTube channel, I’ve provided Jordan Harling Reads with its own website – offering a more immersive environment for you to relax and enjoy the poems.

SEO and social media

What’s a brand without an audience though? It’s not much. That’s why the website, YouTube channel, and every single YouTube video has had its contents and tags optimised for search engine optimisation. Given the timeless nature of the poems, these videos will remain fresh and correct tagging will give them an extremely long shelf-life.