Website and blog – Reason Digital

The web is changing society beyond all recognition, yet it sometimes feels that all you hear about it is the latest online shops, bingo and betting sites, and payday loan companies.

From 1,000 views to over 300,000

All websites and blogs start at zero views, when I joined Reason Digital it was early in the company’s lifespan and their digital marketing had only just begun. I began writing articles for their website, and quickly grew their influence. This included writing the two all-time top articles, which gained several thousand views every month (even multiple years after publishing). These articles have been linked to from BusinessInsider,, and The Guardian.


To maintain a consistent tone of voice, all articles would have to be checked by me. This was also to root out any grammatical errors and potential misinformation, as well as ensuring the tone matched that of the company. While undertaking this role, I copy-edited over 200 articles.