The Sexual Health Hub – Virgin Care Sexual Health

A Sexual Health Hub that works for you. Easily manage your sexual health with Virgin Care’s free sexual health services designed to suit your lifestyle.

Major company

Virgin Care is a part of the worldwide super-brand – Virgin. Operating more than 300 services across the UK and having treated over 5 million people, Virgin Care is one of the leading healthcare providers in the UK. One of the services it provides is sexual health centres and, for this they needed a website.

Reworking of all content on site

For this website, I was the lead copywriter, liaising with Virgin to create copy for the new site. This copy had to be friendly to search engines, had to adhere to Virgin’s well-defined brand and tone of voice, and crucially had to be accurate. To ensure the validity of the copy, I worked with multiple sexual health professionals.

Accessibility, ease and discretion

Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, and the demographics of the website (teenagers and young adults) special care had to be taken when writing the content. It needed to be informative, but not clinical; authoritative but not authoritarian. It also had to be effective at providing the information that the user is searching for. This was achieved through logical and consistent formatting, along with a ‘natural language selector’ which guided the user to the relevant content.