Video and animation work

Draw My Life –┬áReason Digital

Reason Digital ‘Draw My Life’, was a life-action animation created to convey the values and history of Reason Digital as well as promote the company to a wider audience. Capitalising on the trend at the time (many popular YouTubers were creating ‘Draw My Life’ videos) I co-wrote, recorded audio, and animated the video. This video was used as a promotional tool and was an effective way to enable clients to understand the company.

Non-profits get inspired – Reason Digital

Get Inspired by the Web was an animation created in 2012, at a time when many companies (and especially charities) were still unsure about the impact that digital was to have. This was something that Reason Digital wanted to change, so I set about changing people’s attitudes. Gathering together an array of facts from reputable sources, I wrote the above animation, and it was used to promote the company to clients. The animation gathered thousands of views and became popular in the charity sector, leading to a number of new clients.

Jordez Video game Reviews

Jordez Videogame Reviews was a video game review brand which I created in the late 2000s. It comprised of a website, podcast, and video reviews. The website has since become defunct. However, the podcast was picked up by independent video game review site – The Reticule, and the YouTube channel gathered 100,000 views.